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How to sell my structured settlement for cash today


With the help of a qualified structured settlement purchaser, selling your annuity should be a relatively painless process, but there are certain steps you will need to complete in order to get a lump sum of cash for your structured settlement today.

Depending on where you live the sale should take between 60 and 90 days to complete. If you have an immediate need for cash right away you can even request a cash advance:

Thinking about money
Decide How Much You Need

You will need to decide how much money you need, and how much, if any, of your existing structured settlement payments you can live without.

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Contact Sell My Annuity, or another qualified structured settlement purchaser, (a list of companies can be found here), and explain what amount of money you need today, and explain how much money you currently receive from your structured settlement

Agree to the amount
Get a Quote

The structured settlement purchaser will give you a quote, which includes all costs and expenses, and tells you how much money you will receive, and how many of your structured settlement payments you will need to sell in order to raise the amount of cash you need today.

Request paperwork
Request Paperwork

Confirm with your purchaser that the terms of the proposed transaction are acceptable and request paperwork

Sign and return the paperwork
Sign Paperwork

Execute your paperwork and return it to your purchaser

Buyer gets a court order
Buyer Gets Court Order

Work with your structured settlement purchaser to schedule a court date. Either an attorney paid for by the purchaser will go into court, or in some cases you will be required to attend a hearing as well, where a judge will review your transaction, confirm it meets the statutory requirements, including the best interest standards, and then approve your court order.

Buyer Sends You Check or Wire

Within 2 weeks from the date your court order is signed by the judge, your structured settlement purchaser will pay you the full amount of your purchase price as per your agreement. The insurance company making structured settlement payments to you will be notified of the sale and you future structured settlement payments will be reduced by an amount equal to what you elected to sell per the terms of your contract.

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