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Can I Sell my Lottery Annuity?

Selling your lottery annuity is no different than selling any annuity.

You are able to sell your lottery annuity and receive a cash settlement up front, but that does not mean you must sell your entire annuity. If you only want to sell a portion of it, say $50,000, that is possible as well. You are able to retain some annuity payments as well as sell a portion off for a lump sum cash amount today.

Basically, when you sell your lottery annuity, it is no different than taking the lump sum option when you win the lottery. What most people don't realize is that you can receive a comparable offer to sell your lottery annuity for a lump sum, just like when you win. If you were smart enough to choose the annuity option but then decided that a lump sum of cash is necessary for a large unexpected expense, you can still sell a portion or all of your lottery annuity.

How do I sell my Annuity

Selling an annuity is relatively common and painless.

Unlike selling your structured settlement annuity, if you want to sell your annuity, it does not require a court order. You simply sign a contract, record a change of ownership with whoever issued the annuity, and once the ownership change is complete you receive your lump sum payment.

The process begins with a simple discussion with an annuity purchaser. You provide them with information about your annuity, the payments you receive, and when they are due, and they give you a quote to buy some or all of your future payments. Of course, you decide how many payments you want to sell and which ones you want to keep. This allows you to get the lump sum you need today and continue to receive payments over time as well. Of course, you can always sell all of your annuity payments to get the largest lump sum possible.

The steps to sell your annuity are as follows:

Gather Paperwork

Gather any paperwork related to your annuity. Having everything on-hand will make the process easier.

Get a Quote

Get a quote from an annuity purchaser to see how much you can expect to receive as a lump sum.

Decide What to Sell

Make a decision about which annuity payments you want to sell and how much of a lump sum you want to receive.

Get a Purchase Agreement

Request a purchase agreement to sell you annuity.

Sign and Return the Agreement

Sign and return your paperwork to the purchaser.

Buyer Sends You Check or Wire

When the issuer confirms the ownership of your annuity has been changed, you will receive a check or wire transfer for your full lump sum immediately.

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